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Homme de lettres, réalisateur et acteur de cinéma et de théâtre, Soumitra Chatterjee est l’acteur d’élection de Ray. Dans cette longue interview filmée en 1999 à Jorasanko Thakurbari ( la maison ancestrale de Tagore à Calcutta ), Soumitra retrace humblement son parcours dans la filmographie de Ray et revisite quelques-uns des personnages emblématiques qu’il a si brillament incarnés. Avec lui, nous sommes au plus près de Ray. Témoignage lucide et poignant d’un immense artiste.soumitra interview

memories of ray_#4_soumitra chatterjee_‘working with Ray over the years, i came to sort of understand what he wants from me’_Soumitra Chatterjee talks about the strong connection he had with Ray, and about the way they worked together.

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memories of ray_#3_soumitra chatterjee_‘Ray learned the craft of filmmaking while shooting’_Soumitra Chatterjee talks about the double apprenticeship of Apu and Ray, the spirit of discovery, ‘the journey of a man towards a more complete self’, and about the essential artistic contribution of Bansi Chandragupta and Subrata Mitra in Ray’s early films.

( interview recorded in 1999 at Jorasanko Thakurbari, north Calcutta )

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memories_of_ray_#2_Soumitra Chatterjee_‘after seeing Pather Panchali, we knew that Indian cinema would never be the same again’_ Soumitra Chatterjee remembers how he was chosen by Ray to play in Apur Sansar, the first days of shooting, working with Sharmila Tagore, …




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cal99 soumitra nemai taximemories_of_ray#1_ ‘through acting in Ray’s films, i get glimpses of the answers to my own problems’_Soumitra Chatterjee reflects beautifully upon the positive attitute towards life that found its way to his own heart by acting in Ray’s films