memories of ray#28_sandip ray

‘when my father died, i realized for the first time that his empire was very big’_ Sandip Ray talks about how the Ray Society looks after his father’s huge legacy.

sandip ray #27

 ’ he had to adjust himself, it was quite painful for him’ _ Sandip talks about the difficult period during Ray’s illness, and about the making of Uttaran, Ray’s last project he couldn’t complete. Sandip Ray decided to do the film, as a homage to his father, with the same unit as his father: ‘ I was constantly thinking of what he would have done, so it was difficult, because Uttaran was his film, not mine…’. Sandip talks also about Ray’s last three films: ‘my father told Utpal Dutta, the main actor who played the uncle in The Stranger ‘you have to be very careful because you are my spokesman in the film’ .

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sandip ray #26

 ’he didn’t stop, he didn’t rest between his films’ _ Satyajit Ray worked with the same technical crew for years: ‘ that’s why my father never stopped, he had to work continuously for his unit, because they were waiting and they were not getting paid between his films!’. In this excerpt Sandip talks also about the difficulty of being always compared to his father and about what he likes the most in the process of filmmaking ( recorded in 1999, Bishop Lefroy Road, Calcutta )

this short film is branch#26 of a big tree entitled ‘memories of ray’

sandip ray #25

 ’as a child, i could see that he was not an ordinary person’ _ Sandip Ray faintly remembers the shooting of Pather Panchali as a pic-nic :‘I thought they were having fun’, and explains how he became interested in cinema himself: ‘whatever I’ve learned, I learned from him’ (recorded in 1999 in Bishop Lefroy Road, Calcutta).

this short film is branch#25 of a big tree entitled ‘memories of ray’